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Aerial Drone Photography

Who Should Consider Having Aerial Drone Photography Done When Selling Real Estate?

At 3D Click Tours, we offer both aerial drone photography, as well as aerial drone video services. Someone can quickly take a look at a property from a unique perspective not achievable from the ground level. We offer many different angles including bird’s eye views, elevated views, and distant shots to assure proper documentation.


Larger homes and estates with acreage must use drone photography and video to showcase the property in its entirety. Homebuyers can see the full property from a different perspective, including a beautiful pool or backyard. However, drone photos and videos can also be an asset for standard homes. Homebuyers can get a look at the neighborhood, get a feel for the layout, and see how close they are to parks, roads, or neighbors.


Our aerial drones can also be incredibly useful tools for other industries. Construction companies can use drones to inspect roofs without ever having to climb a ladder. We can also provide surveyors with multiple angles, coordinates, altitude, and statistics to help get an accurate calculation of a property. 


3D Click tours is insured and FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Operators with years of experience. If you think drone photography or video could help your business, please contact us to discuss your project or idea.

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